Can online casinos ban you?

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If you see someone selling a betting system for roulette, poker, blackjack etc. They will quite often warn you not to win too much or the Casinos will “ban you”.

This is pretty obvious sales patter. It must be a good system if people win so much they get banned, right?

Well I’m not going to go into betting systems in this article.

But getting banned from Casinos is something some people worry about. So in this article i’ll be looking at:

Will Casinos ban you for winning too much?

How likely are you to get banned from a Casino for winning?

Well if you are worried that winning lots of money will get you banned then don’t.

Casinos have been around for a long time and they don’t ban genuine winners. The rule for brick and mortar casinos was always “keep them coming back and keep them playing”.

Eventually they will get their money back. And if they don’t then there is no better Public Relations than having people around who have “won big”

That’s why most online Casinos have a prominent list of big winners on their sites.

Why would anyone play at a Casino that had a reputation for not paying out or banning big winners?

So there you go Casinos won’t ban you for winning “too much”.

What Most People Get Banned For?

But does that mean they won’t ban anyone?

Well, no. If you violate the rules of the Casino they could ban you and refuse to pay out winnings.

In the old days of Vegas Casinos, when they were being run by less than ethical Fellas, there was an old trick where they would get a big winner to do something that would give them an excuse to throw them out.

The classic was that a waitress would serve the big winner a drink and then claim he had grabbed her inappropriately. Out the door he would go.

Obviously these days they wouldn’t do something like that and on an online Casino can’t do anything like that.

However they do have rules that players need to follow.

The main one players fall foul of is opening more than one account. With every Casino offering Welcome bonuses for new players a popular scam is to open numerous accounts and take advantage of the Welcome bonus several times.

Guess what? That’s against the rules of the Casino. In fact, most now only allow one account per household.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if you opened two accounts years ago and you win £20,000 they will check. If you broke the rules you will most likely get no winnings and banned.

That probably sounds really unfair if you just forgot that you had opened an account years ago, but that’s the rules.

Our advice is – if you think you opened an account years ago but can’t remember the login details then contact the Casino before creating a new account.

If you think creating multiple accounts to get your hands on lots of Welcome Bonuses is “getting one over” on the Casino then imagine how you’ll feel if you win big and they don’t pay you and ban you.

Can You Get Banned For Not Having ID?

Another thing that people sometimes fall foul off is not having identification and proof of address.

To combat things like money laundering, Casinos are required to make sure they ID people before making big payouts. The process is usually straight forward but it can delay your big payout. You only need to do it once, though.

If you can’t prove your ID or Address at some point down the line then you could get in trouble.

The Problem With Chargebacks

The final thing that could get you banned or winnings withheld is if you have a large number of “chargebacks”.

For the uninitiated, chargebacks are where your debit or credit card has been stolen and used to pay for things and your bank asks for the suppliers to return the money.

Imagine if your card was stolen and you found that the people who stole it had (for some reason) decided to use it to put money into your Casino account and gamble it away. You could get on to your card company and they would request the return of the money from the Casino.

Could happen and I’m sure it has. But if it happens more than once in a blue moon you can’t blame the Casino for smelling a rat. Again, this is all in the Terms and Conditions.


Casinos don’t ban people for winning legitimately. But they do have Terms and Conditions that, if broken, could lead them to not paying out and possibly banning people.

This is very rare though and usually only effects people who are, in some way, trying to rip them off. And you can’t really blame them for that.

If you play by the rules, provide ID when necessary and don’t have multiple chargebacks, then you are highly unlikely to get banned – no matter how much you win.

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